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Bluescrew has been developed to solve the age-old problem of ground anchors that fail in soil, sand and snow. Unique in design and behaviour, the Bluescrew Ground Anchors allow you to achieve tie-down solutions previously unthinkable.  Inspired by a desire to solve your problems, our dream is to educate every outdoor enthusiast of a better, smarter method of anchoring things to the ground.

Bluescrew Ground Anchors can be used almost anywhere you need a temporary anchor point and are simply screwed in by hand – no tools necessary. Each Bluescrew will achieve approximately 120-180kg or 260-400 pounds of tiedown resistance and is suitable for use in turf, soil, moist clay, sand, mud, snow & underwater.

Offering a better, smarter method of anchoring things to the ground, Bluescrew Ground Anchors are a must-have as part of your outdoor kit for camping, boating, fishing, securing pets, swings, trampolines, or general use.

When every other anchor you own will not stay in the ground - Bluescrew Ground Anchors will save the day.

Download: Bluescrew Brochure [PDF]

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