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Voted the Worlds Best Ground Anchor from 25 different styles of ground anchor worldwide in 3 of 4 different types of soil - Bluescrew Ground Anchors are simple to use, allow for massive tiedown as well as multi-direction resistance in soil, sand, mud, snow & underwater.


Q. Why use a Bluescrew Ground Anchor instead of traditional tent pegs.

A. Unlike traditional tent pegs which rely on soil bearing pressure and dislodge when the ground is soft or becomes wet, Bluescrews work in tension and therefore remain in the ground in soft and wet soil due to our unique helix which is buried well below the ground surface. The result is that you can pull on a Bluescrew from numerous directions simultaneously, tie vertical ropes to vertical Bluescrews so you don’t trip over the ropes and they will even work underwater. There are reasons based on Mathematics and Physics Principles why the Bluescrew works the way it does and why you can install them without any tools. Incredibly, the Bluescrew will resist approximately 1,500 times its own weight. Don’t be fooled by bulky, less effective, yet more expensive copies. We were the first to launch the tool-free screw in tent peg back in 2004. We know our stuff!


Q. What are Bluescrew Ground Anchors made from?

A. Bluescrew Ground Anchors are constructed from a patented high strength, high torsion injection moulded plastic which has similar strength to mild steel.


Q. Do I need the Large or Small Bluescrew to secure my tent or boat?

A. It doesn’t matter what you want to secure, it is all about the soil type. If you can dig a hole in the ground with your hands, I.e. beach sand, mud, or snow, use the Large Bluescrew. The shaft is longer and the helix is larger. Short and small helix screw anchors will pull through “unbound soil” like an apple corer and you will lose your gear. For soil with grass on it, grassroots in it, or for moist clay, the Small Bluescrew will keep you and your gear safely secured to the ground. 


 LINK: Bluescrew Ground Anchors


Q. Do Bluescrew Ground Anchors come in other colours.

A. We do, and always have, manufactured our Bluescrews for our good friends at OZTENT, another great Australian company. If you see the “OZTENT Edition Bluescrew” which is the exact same shape as the Bluescrew and is Orange colour – Buy it. This is a true Bluescrew. Throughout the United States, Canada and an increasing number of European countries you can purchase the “Coghlan Twist Anchor”, which is also Orange in colour and the same shape as our blue Bluescrew. Again – Buy it, they are a partner of ours.


Q. What other uses can I use Bluescrew Ground Anchors for?

A. Bluescrew Ground Anchors can be used almost anywhere you need a temporary anchor point. Each Bluescrew is the equivalent to 180kg or 400 pounds of tiedown resistance and is suitable for use in turf, soil, moist clay, sand, mud, snow & underwater. Offering a better, smarter method of anchoring things to the ground, they are great as part of your outdoor kit for camping, boating, fishing, securing pets or general use.


Q. Where can I buy Bluescrew Ground Anchors?

A. We sell our range of products through selected distributors as well as via the store and ship internationally to clients!

LINK: Australian Distributors


Q. Do Bluescrew Ground Anchors require any special tools for installation?

A. Bluescrew Ground Anchors do not require special tools, but if you need to install a lot of them quickly, then we do provide a Drill Bit Attachment to speed up the installation process. Made from stainless steel to stand the test of time, it has all the right curves in all the right places. Our Drill Bit Attachment will fit both our Large and Small Bluescrews.

LINK: Drill Bit Attachment 


Q. Are Bluecrew Ground Anchors any good for holding down annexes and canvas walls or awnings?

A. Unlike traditional tent pegs, the Bluescrew will not move sideways or withdraw vertically. They are perfect for keeping your wall panels pinned to the ground. Simply install vertically beside the canvas eyelet, then zip-tie the eyelet to the Bluescrew. Our anchors can also be used to securely tiedown awnings as well.


* We welcome trade enquires ... We are always on the lookout for new distributors - so please get in touch!